“I share my business development and marketing
strategies to help you get the most done in the least amount
of time so your marketing will have a rapid impact.”


Conferences and entrepreneur mentoring in order to succeed in business

Jeremy explains how to reach your maximum potential in the shortest amount of time.

Now the owner of several companies, Jeremy wants to share his knowledge: how to rock the world – that is, how to get your company to reach maximum potential in the shortest amount of time. Jeremy shares the essential keys to success, such as how to define your vision, how to apply to 5 “C”s to build a team of winners – He also goes in depth about the importance of developing a financial strategy to do big things with few resources.

At conferences, Jeremy always imparts “the real deal”. His pragmatic approach helps everyone leave with a winning and practical method for success.



With two masters degrees from the École Supérieure Télécom SudParis and from the École Supérieure de Commerce, Jeremy Pastel has developed his skill in the telephony domain at the heart of some of the largest operators, such as France Telecom and Outremer Telecom.

Before launching his own company, VoxSun, in 2010, Jeremy Pastel is a natural businessman from a young age. At 15, he runs a lawn mowing business in Paris. Later on, having left to Martinique for family obligations, he starts to sell ice cream on the beaches where a recruiter notices him. He immediately starts work as a sales clerk for Outremer Telecom, and is in charge of running the team after only 2 months. After two years, Jeremy returns to Paris to get married and also becomes the manager of a campaign to promote internet service in 40 Parisian boutiques of France telecom – all of this while studying telecommunications.

Diplomas in hand, the ambitious Jeremy Pastel decides to move to Canada where he has great dreams as an entrepreneur. Newly immigrated, he arrives in Quebec in late 2008 with only 20$ in his pocket and a clear goal: to create his own company! After difficult beginnings, the determined Jeremy Pastel created VoxSun, a next generation high speed telephony company which saw rapid growth and success.

Jeremy is now the owner of several companies including BoostmyCom and GorillaNerd.

Jeremy has had several past successes. In 2012, he wins the “Créavenir” prize from the Caisse Desjardins. Following that, in 2013, he receives a young entrepreneur subsidy by the DESTL of Ville St-Laurent in Montreal.

In 2014, he gets the “Services” prize in the category of: young entrepreneur of the 30th Gala Alpha, a ceremony which rewards vision, creativity and dynamism in companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal.

Finally, that same year, Jeremy Pastel makes a well received appearance in the finale of the famous TV show “Dans L’Oeil du Dragon” (In the Eye of the Dragon), in which the goal is to present his company’s merits to 5 industry leading investors. Aptly demonstrating his professionalism, Jeremy Pastel forms a business partnership with famous entrepreneurs Serge Beauchemin and Danièle Henkel who were both won over by his pitch.













1-Establishing your brand image

2-Defining your brand image

3-Presenting your product or service

4-Defining your target and generating interest in your product

or service

5-Choosing the platform for your outreach

6-Establishing your high-impact message

7-Generating leads and automating follow-up

Contact me to learn more about how you can grow your business so that

when your target market thinks about your category of activity, yours is

the first name that comes to mind.

Jeremy Pastel is a French-North American businessman based in Los Angeles.

In 2010, Jeremy founded his own company, VoxSun Telecom, in North America.

After several years of solid management experience with Caribbean and European operators, Jeremy completed his Master’s in Business Management in information technology. He then decided to relocate to North America to start a telecom company. So, as a “new arrival,” Jeremy Pastel arrived in Montreal in late 2008 and eventually found himself with only $20.

Despite difficult beginnings, Jeremy Pastel established VoxSun, a rapidly expanding telephone operator business. VoxSun now offers its services throughout Canada and the United States.

Jeremy is now the owner of several businesses, including BoostMyCom, which specializes in digital marketing strategy.

In 2012, he received the “Creavenir” award from Caisse Desjardins, a financial institution where he later joined the board of directors in 2015. Then, in 2013, he received “young entrepreneur” support from the city of Montréal’s economic development center.

In 2014, he also won the “Services” award in the “young entrepreneur” category at the 30th Alpha Gala.

In 2015, Jeremy published his business guide, “How to Hit it Big in Business,” and shared the practical method he used to start a business with only $20 in his pocket. Since the end of 2016, this written work has been translated into English for international distribution.

After several television appearances, Jeremy launched the business show “On Cartonne Ça” in 2018, which airs in Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean.

In 2019, Jeremy relocated to New York and focused on expanding his marketing and telecommunications businesses in the US as well as in Europe through the sports industry. He completed his first sporting transfer from London to Berlin with a transaction record of over 20 million euros.

Today, Jeremy is based in Los Angeles, where he runs the athlete management company BoostMySport.