“I started out with nothing. With very little capital,
I built and grew several companies. In this guide,
I will show you my strategies for phenomenal growth. ”


All the advice of an entrepreneur to succeed in business…


IMMIGRANT, arrived in Canada at the end of 2008, I soon found myself with only 20$ left in my pocket, and a clear goal. What’s that? To create my own company in telephony. It was a daring move with so little funds to my name. It’s not the obvious choice in the North American mentality. Statistics speak for themselves: only 10% of Canadians are owners of a business, and less than 5% of Canadians think of starting one. 50% of businesses which start up do not exist past 5 years. This is one of the reasons I wrote this book: to share my enthusiasm of undertaking such an adventure, but also, and, most importantly, to share my experience and give the key to future entrepreneurs to permit them to succeed fast and efficiently, to rock the world of business. I choose now to share what I have lived as a young immigrant in Canada. It has now been a little over 6 years that I’ve established myself with my family in this magnificent country, and I must share my practical experience and the keys to rock the professional world in North America. At the end of 2008, many choices had come my way. After some tough times, I decided to create VoxSun in 2010. All set up, VoxSun now offers its services officially on the market since 2012.

With regards to people who have newly arrived, only a small number of immigrants will be able to practice the domain in which they worked back in their home country. Some will never find the quality of life which they had back home, and others will put 3 to 5 years to find that same level of life they knew. Entrepreneurship is the ideal opening for those who want to embrace an incredible adventure which is also very risky and demands a lot of hard work. 6 years after my arrival, I understand that it’s only in pushing myself beyond my limits and being surrounded by a good team that I have been able to face adversity. The concept of the team is vital and I will discuss this in detail.

I have decided to share my practical experience of an entrepreneur immigrant in North America in order to be able to give back to Canada what it has given to me. I often say that Canada had welcomed me on its soil, and I have welcomed it in my heart in return. I want to give back to Canadian society what it has permitted me to achieve. I would like to do it service by offering even more jobs, bringing accumulated value to the country, and by helping other entrepreneurs.

You must gain pace in a world which is going progressively faster. I have understood the rules of advancing fast, and with maximum impact. These rules – I can now formulate them clearly, render them intelligible, to share them efficiently.

Today, many ways exist to share one’s experience, notably at conferences or in private meetings, like the ones I hold regularly; the saying holds: “words speak, yet that which is written remains”. This is why it was indispensable to lay down this north american adventure and the rules which have guided it for those that want to draw the best out of my journey to be able to succeed like me. Another saying: “Time is money”, which comes so often to me when I discuss the development of businesses, because it is essential to do the most within a short amount of time.

The majority of entrepreneurs publish a book to assess their careers. On my end, I write about my growth and development to take the proper actions to succeed in Canada. The idea is clear: to give back what society has given me. I want to communicate throughout this concrete and practical guide all of the keys which were useful for my rapid evolution in north america. This guide addresses those who want to open up to north america. You, who have been born or have grown up in North America, but for whom the opportunities were not always present. You, the new arrivals in North America, in whom the desire to develop and to be developed remains great. And all those who have asked if it is possible.

Yes it is possible! Follow this guide…

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1-Establishing your brand image

2-Defining your brand image

3-Presenting your product or service

4-Defining your target and generating interest in your product

or service

5-Choosing the platform for your outreach

6-Establishing your high-impact message

7-Generating leads and automating follow-up

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Jeremy Pastel has developed a keen understanding of business telephone systems, which he gained from working with the largest telecommunications providers in Europe, North America, and in the Caribbean.

In 2010, Jeremy started his own company, VoxSun Telecom in North America…but when he was only 15 years old, his entrepreneurial instincts were already noticeable. In fact, he started out offering a residential lawn maintenance service in the region of Paris, France, where he was born.

Later, he went to the island of Martinique with his family. Once more, he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by selling ice cream on the beaches. This was noticed by a recruiter for a completely different type of company, which offered Jeremy a new opportunity to exercise his talents. Jeremy accepted the offer and started as a salesman for this Caribbean telecommunication company. He became a team leader in that organization after only two months.

Two years later, Jeremy returned to Paris to get married. At that time, he worked for the largest communications company in that region as a promotion manager of Internet services for local retail stores. While he was doing this, Jeremy studied business administration and information technology management.

After completing his studies, Jeremy decided to move to Canada – yet another place where he could put his entrepreneurial designs to work. Jeremy arrived in Quebec at the end of 2008. He soon found himself with only $20 in his pocket – but that did not stop him. He still maintained the very clear objective of creating his own company.

The initial obstacles he faced while trying to start up his company did not dim his determination. He created VoxSun, a business telecommunications company. Once it was launched, his efforts were rewarded with rapid growth right from the beginning. Jeremy is now the owner of several companies and is also a business partner with several well-known public figures.

Along the way, Jeremy achieved other successes as well. In 2012, he was awarded the “Créavenir” prize from the financial institution Caisse Dejardins. Three years later, he became a member of its administrative board.

In 2013, he was awarded the Young Entrepreneur grant from the Economic Development Centre of Ville St-Laurent in Montréal.

In 2014, he won the Service prize in the category of young entrepreneur of the 30th Gala alpha, which is an event designed to recognize the vision, creativity, and dynamism of businesses in the territory served by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal.

In that same year, Jeremy made a notable appearance in the finals of the French Canadian version of “Shark Tank”, in which he had to showcase his company to five well-known, awe-provoking, big-league investors. By demonstrating his professionalism, assurance, and thorough understanding of the industry, Jeremy Pastel convinced them of his business acumen – so much that they chose to partner with him.

Jeremy wrote the business guide “How to Hit It Big in Business”, in which he shares the practical method he used to launch his companies, once again, having started with only $20 in his pocket. At the end of 2016, his book was translated into English for international distribution.